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Raking fallen leaves with metal fan rake

Lawn and Garden Cleaning Services in Springwater

cleaning the garden of litter during autumn

You deserve a property that looks nice. Part of that is keeping your property clean and tidy. Akula Property Care provides comprehensive lawn and garden cleaning services for property owners throughout Springwater. Just leave it to us! We have years of experience in the business with a fleet of garden clean-up equipment that can take on your project in no time.


Dead leaves, branches, and other detritus can accumulate quickly, especially during spring and autumn, creating an eyesore and risking the health of your lawn or garden. Plus, it all provides a great place for critters to hide! Whether it’s spring or fall, you can count on Akula Property Care to clean up your property in no time.


Yard maintenance can be a pain, so let the experts take control of the situation. Contact us today and we can provide you with a quote.

Aerial view of landscaper mowing lawn

Expert Lawn and Garden Care

Let us do the hard work while you relax and enjoy the results.

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